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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 8 Cosy

A couple of cosy scarves, knitted whilst listening to audio books. I can read for hours in complete relaxation, but when listening, my hands itch for something to do. The top one I made with a couple of balls of yarn I bought originally to make socks, the lower one is made from recycled mohair, frogged (with great patience and a lot of under the breath cursing) from a half finished sweater donated by a friend who grew tired of the intricacies of entrelac. If not claimed by passing friends or family, these scarves end up, depending on their size and suitability, either at the local Emaus childrens' homes, the Emaus womens' refuge or the shelter for homeless men run by a small group of nuns in Gandia. The last is supported by our local church...not that I am a church goer, but a few of my craft club ladies are, and they make up goodie bags containing toiletries, clean underwear and small comforts. The Emaus homes are almost entirely funded by donations. The Spanish Social Services are quick to remove children from situations they consider dangerous, but don't seem to have anywhere to place them. They are handed over to various charitable societies. Emaus rents apartments and houses and the children are placed there in family sized groups with house parents. The Government pays a very small amount towards their keep, but Emaus must provide clothing, toys and even buy their schoolbooks. The children range in age from babies to teenagers. Here in Calpe most of the English and German speaking clubs raise money all the year round to fund the local homes, providing not only clothing and books, but also Christmas presents and Summer camps for the older children. One local Association, Women in Business, devotes its fundraising, in particular, to the Emaus womens' refuge, whose residents often arrive with only the clothes they escaped in.


  1. Would love to see a photo of the entrelac scarf showing it in all it's glory. I knitted a jumper in this style many years ago and am still fascinated by the final effect.

  2. Alison, the scarf is not entrelac, but the jumper I frogged the wool from is...still have the bottom half to unravel, so when I get some round tuits I'll take a snap.

  3. Wow these look gorgeous! Lucky recipients! x

  4. Beautiful scarves - and an interesting post too. I like it!


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