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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 26 Breakfast

the first little pleasure of the day...


  1. Oh no!! That's not the fried bread in vino de terreno with sugar on top is it?

    The last time the neighbours gave us that we nearly passed out with the combination of wine and sugar in the morning!!

    (Sorry I'm signed in as Pippa not Roughseas :D)

    1. Pippa, you can tell Misery that wine never passes my lips before 11.30am :D ...Bossman dunks his Swiss breakfast version into milk, then beaten egg, fries in butter and finally coats liberally with sugar and cinnamon.

    2. That's not much better!!!!

      Actually to be slightly serious, we don't eat sugar, so the fried bread swimming in sugar just sent us into the stratosphere!! The wine was insignificant :D

      We do partake in eggy bread from time to time though (sin azucar)

  2. Hmmmm Eggy bread with sugar?

  3. Replies
    1. Similar, but I think with French toast the egg and milk are mixed together. As suggested by Pippa above, quite often torrijas are first dipped into sweet wine/sherry before egging and frying.


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