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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Day 29 Kitchen Utensil

This must be one of the most underused utensils in my kitchen. It is supposed to be used for fishing and squeezing out a teabag from a mug. I never make tea in a mug; in my little world it isn't tea unless it is made in a teapot!  Having said that, I will happily make camomile or mint tea in a mug, but I use my spoon to fish out the bag, and then wind the label string around spoon and bag to squeeze it out.


  1. lol! What will they think of next! A spoon does the job for me too :)

  2. I never make tea in mugs but that's because I like drinking out of cups.

    And as I drink tea very weak, any teabags never get squeezed, rather re-used two or three times.

    Manzanilla con anis is the exception because I do like that to be strong. Never drank camomile tea until arriving in Spain, and as with many things, my wonderful neighbour introduced me to it, giving me a few bags one day, saying try that.

    Oh, and I use whatever is to hand. No strings on the ones in Gib :(

  3. My mum used to have one of these until I broke it I could never get the teabag in it to squeeze.


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