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Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 30 - Collection

I suppose the biggest collection I have is of books...there are books in the porch on there way out to a new home, a stack of books on the coffee table in the living room waiting to be read, another pile by the side of my bed, each lavatory cistern has its pile, there are cookery books in the kitchen, craft books in the sewing room, wall to wall and floor to ceiling bookshelves crammed with fiction in the office, a wall full of auto-biographies, biographies and assorted non-fiction in the snug, plus another bookcase full of childrens' fiction.  My photo is of the top shelf stacked with old Puffins, many of them mine from new and all read and re-read. I still have the first two Puffins I ever owned; a very tattered and foxed 1952 edition of Alice in Wonderland, and the 1957 edition of Redcap Runs Away, both bought by my mother to keep my mind off the itch of chickenpox, but the start of a lifelong obsession with the printed word that is only now fading slightly with the advent of digital books. I no longer feel the need to possess craft books as so much  inspiration is available on line, but for sheer pleasure you can't beat a paper book. I am reading the Fire and Ice series at the moment, (Game of Thrones on TV), and while waiting for L3m0n to bring the real thing out with her, I had listened to some of the books on audible, and had read one on Kindle for PC...they were fine as stop-gaps, but I can't help myself...I have to read them again from paper and print to get the full pleasure!


  1. I don't have a single one of those books! to my total surprise. Actually a lot of my childhood books did get given away by my 'tidy' mother, although I managed to hang onto some favourites. I love books. I have yet to read one on the computer. It can't compare with sitting in a chair in the peace and quiet, and hardly being able to wait to turn the next page for the rest of the story.

    Craft books, travel books, history, management, Land Rovers, dogs, -but no auto-bios-/bios oddly. I daren't buy any more. We have no space at all :(

  2. It sounds like just my sort of house. I remember babysitting as a youngster and being horrified that they didn't have any books!!!!!!!! I only have a few of my childhood books and do need to prune the collection I have. I had a kindle for Christmas and have already managed to almost fill it with freebies- but still think that you can't beat a book, be it a brand new paperback with that lovely 'new' book smell or one of your favourites off the shelf.


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