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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 5 Excitement

What's exciting about an external hard drive you might wonder...well when a DD comes visiting from the UK, she comes bearing gifts; digital gifts such as season 2 of Downton, a couple of dozen audio books and assorted TV programmes and films for me to watch when the other half is hogging the zapper and watching sport...


  1. Woohoo! Enjoy your viewing :)

  2. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are a bit further up the coast than me. I live in Los Gallardos, near Mojacar. I love your sunrise photo, and I have been known to get excited about new hard/software, though I leave the really technical stuff to my husband. I love swapping ATCs and I see you do some of that too. I also did Hazel's Christmas card challenge for most weeks last year and I am about to post my card on there now. So you are right. We do have a lot in common. (I also drink mainly tea, and I buy loose tea online). I have two blogs, my craft one and an online diary, so feel free to have a browse any time. I haven't signed up to follow you yet, but if I stick with 365 I may well do so in a week or two. Hasta luego, Kate x

  3. I looked at the title for this and couldn't think of a single thing I would have photo-ed (I am sp NOT getting into this 365 thing :D - but I do like to think of the topic) - and then the cabalgata came past yesterday evening and I grabbed the camera and rushed outside!!

    Incidentally I looked at the above comment, saw the last part (hasta luego Kate) and thought, I don't remember writing that, until I realised it was another Kate. And I could write more than one whole blog post about tea.


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