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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day 15 Generous

We met some friends this morning, down at a coffee bar overlooking the beach. Most of you have probably heard of the Spanish tradition of bars offering you a tapa with your beer or wine; this one brings you one with your coffee as well! Small wrapped Dutch Spice biscuits come as standard on your saucer, along with a packet of sugar. This is followed at a decent interval by whatever the kitchen decides to send out. This week it is small thin circles of what appears to be left over pastry, lightly baked, then completely covered in icing sugar...times are hard! More generous though, was the saucer full of peanuts that appeared later when I requested a bottle of water; this qualifies as a drink and justifies the production of something savoury!


  1. How lovely! Very generous :)

  2. I really like this interpretation of the prompt :)

  3. That looks great, love this generosity.

  4. What fun!...waiting to see what little treat turns up!!!

    Thanks for commenting re the 'Fire & Ice series...I've only just started book 3, so don't tell me what happens!!! I hear that the second series is due on HBO TV in April in the UK! Yay!! :)


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