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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 17 Naughty

This is Charlie Badmash; I called him Charlie, my neighbour added the Badmash after a character in a book we were reading at the time. Don't ask me what the book was, it was nearly 11 years ago, but I do remember he was an evil character! CB brooks no interference with his dignity unless you are his Mum; ignore an infinitesimal warning twitch of his tail when you are honoured with his company and you are likely to find teeth and claws embedded in some part of your anatomy unless you immediately stop whatever you are doing.  This photo was taken of him being naughty rather than evil...sitting on the table looking out of the window at the rain. What's so naughty about that? Well I was trying to read the paper and he had decided that he needed to sit on it in order to get exactly the right view...

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