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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Day 1 Celebrate

I don't know how long I shall last, but I like the idea of a prompt word to take a photograph for each day of the year...note that I say for each day, and not on each day...the word will be provided by Suzie, available on Twitter, FB or her blog. The first word is Celebrate, and I have just had a birthday. The additional 'Get Well Soon' card seems to have become a bit of a tradition...


  1. Belated happy birthday and thanks for joining the challenge :)

  2. As above, feliz cumple although un poco tarde. Good to see another blog from you :) Now, I need to discover where you have posted up the techy details about your DSLR (I really need one!!)

  3. I think you may be confusing me with a richer person Kath; my current photos are taken with a veteran Pentax Optio passed on from my daughter. The older ones were taken on a cheapo from Lidl! I loved my Minolta SLR, but the hassle of film development is beyond me now. I gave all my lenses to said daughter who uses them on her DSLR with a converter.


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