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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Day 14 Guilty Pleasure

 I will admit to being a hoarder, a haunter of charity shops and an inveterate skipweasel. I'm not at the stage (yet) where I might become a candidate for a television programme, as my teetering piles of boxes and bags are confined to two rooms, but I am amongst the top rank when it comes to salvaging anything that might be useful in my craft room(s). We only have two local charity shops, but I am well known in both of them. In the "Dog Shop" they are used to me sitting quietly in a corner sorting through their button boxes, they put things on one side that they think I might like, and when I go looking for cloth, be it cotton for patchwork, wool for rag rugs or silk for embroidery, they let me sort through their reject bags. I have curbed my passion for odd balls of knitting yarn, unless it happens to be wool and in a sufficient quantity to actually make something, but when it comes to Tapestry wool, I can't resist! Half finished canvases with leftover hanks and bags of oddments often turn up. I have three bags waiting to be sorted at the moment! The big boot box above holds Anchor wool, I have another holding DMC Colbert and a small one with crewel. One of these days I will produce one of those fantastic granny square blankets that I keep pinning on my Pinterest board!

 The third photo shows one of the few things I buy from a "proper shop" when I don't really need to but just in case...pads of lovely strong card in a wide range of colours from Lidl!


  1. lol ... I'll look out for you on one of those programmes in time to come! :)

  2. Just catching up on Hoarders via my US Netflix, have you seen the rat man episode, now that is just plain wrong.


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