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Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 16 Snack

I spent the morning in the dentist's waiting room, keeping my OH company while he waited to be slotted in for an emergency appointment; no coffee, no snack, and anyway at that point I hadn't looked at the daily prompt. When I did finally get round to looking, I was just pushing the last date from the box into my mouth...not to worry I thought, it's Veronica's birthday and tradition has it that the Craft Club ladies bring treats on these occasions, so I'll take my camera with me. Another wash-out! Veronica had sent a message that she had a bad throat and would bring her cake next week. A large glass of Manzanilla hardly counts as a snack, so you have to make do with the above...I caught a glimpse of the word 'snack' as I was pushing the empty bag into the bin...I can't show you the contents as I have just eaten them!


  1. I was expecting a picture of your ever so healthy rice/oat cracker cardboard biscuity things lol Hope dad's ok xx


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