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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 56 Light

This is an Edwardian electric mushroom lamp that lives by my beside. By rights it should probably be rewired, as the original thread and rubber covered flex is getting frayed, but modern flex seems stiff and inflexible compared to the old one that falls inside the cut glass stem and out through a small semicircle cut in the base. It only has one bulb in at the moment as bayonet fittings are not found on local supermarket shelves, and even in the import shops that do stock them, clear glass incandescent candle bulbs are not easy to come by.


  1. I can have a look and see what there is down here if you like? It looks very nice btw.

    1. We head North for a hospital visit on Friday K, and on the way back I plan to visit a town up the coast that has an Iceland. I've been able to find them there in the past, so fingers crossed. Thanks for the offer, I may get back to you.


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