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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 45 Candle

Well, when I read the prompt word this morning, I thought of the candle that was in my immediate eye-line; a scented candle in a glass jar with a pretty glass shade. I planned to take the photo later in the day when the table wasn't piled quite so high with the general detritus spawned by visitors who don't have a home for their assorted electrical gadgets. The day moved on, and I had a visit from a neighbour carrying a large white pottery cache-pot full of candles! They have been trying to sell their house for a couple of years without success, their business has folded, and they now seem to be in the process of removing everything from the house bar the furniture and their clothes. T comes round almost daily with bags or boxes of oddments asking if I can use it, or will it be useful to the craft club (his wife was a member before she had to return to the UK to work) or would the charity shop take it, or should he just dump it...

A dozen or so tea lights have found a home in the kitchen cupboard with the glass coffee jug warmer, another dozen have gone down to the girls' apartment to be used in the little scented oil burner. These larger candles are awaiting a home somewhere I can easily lay my hands on them next time we have a power cut. If the long red candle on the top of the pile looks slightly out of kilter, it is not an illusion; candles left upright in a candlestick throughout our summers take on a graceful droop in the heat!


  1. I love that collection of candles- how lovely to get little boxes of treats to sort through from your neighbour. My mum had a candlestick on her lounge windowledge once and the candle almost met the bottom of the candle holder one day they got so warm!

  2. love the colour of the glass shade

  3. Funny how the prompt sometimes so perfectly adapts to our life events ! Love the glass shade too !

  4. What a lovely story love your photos


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