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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Day 42 Portrait of a Loved One

 Like a lot of men, my OH does not take kindly to being photographed; squints, tongue pulling and rude gestures all feature in my photo record of him. Having already posted a photo of my Gin O'Clock daughters, (or as L3m0n pointed out, on that particular day, the Guinness and Tia Marias ) I thought I should probably resign myself to a portrait of my 'son', Charlie Badmash.

He is quite nonchalant about having camera lenses at close quarters, although he does give me the evil eye when I try to catch him in that spread-eagled-washing-the-lower-abdomen pose. 

Then, in a sneaky move, I caught this side-view, under cover of rummaging in my handbag for my ever-missing keys, while he caught up on the golf results...

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  1. Great photos. Your cat is so so sweet, looks like he is smiling and I love the sneaky one !That's the easiest way we can get them, isn't it ?


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