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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 53 Ordinary

Today has been anything but ordinary so far; up at 6am, out of the house at 6.30, and then drive up the motorway in order to be at the hospital for a 7.30am appointment. Justin's name was called at 7.35, and by 8am he was stripped, gowned, capped, tagged, bagged and sat in a reclining chair admiring his fetching paper slippers. I was then sent to wait outside while they fitted a drip and took him in to remove the cataract in his left eye. It took a lot longer than normal, because one of the medications he takes affects the iris muscle, but all went well, so my ordinary on this anything but ordinary day is Justin at 10.30am, back in his ordinary clothes, (I am not so cruel that I would show you his previous get-up) waiting for the nurse to remove his drip catheter before we went for a late breakfast. Don't you just love his fetching wraparound sunglasses, courtesy of the Spanish Health Service? These are for tomorrow, when we have to return at 8am to have the dressing removed and the first of many drops inserted...I've just been and collected a carrier bag of five different ones from the chemist!


  1. Yay - he can watch the Cup Final on Sunday now lol xx

  2. Tell him looks like he should be on piano playing Blues :-) BBx

  3. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.

  4. A very different procedure from the UK!!
    My DH had both cataracts removed last year and now does not need glasses for sight, just reading. He wore his own clothes for the op, came home straight afterwards and 4 hrs later had the patch removed by me and we started the drops, he returned to the hospital for his post visit 6 weeks later!!
    Hope Justin is thrilled with his vision tomorrow!
    Definitely not an ordinary day but a very special one :)

    1. That sounds similar to other friends' experiences here, Lynne. It seems not unusual for people to drive themselves home afterwards even! It seems to vary from hospital to hospital.

  5. So glad it all went to plan. My both parents had this procedure done and they have better eyesight than I do now !!!

  6. I'm so glad the op went well.

  7. Glad it went well, hope he has a speedy recovery

  8. Good Luck wishes from here too Totty :)
    What a handsome devil he is too.


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