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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Day 36 Rubbish

This photo is taken from my gate. The large green wheelie bin in the distance is where I deposit my rubbish, carefully bagged. This bin serves between 25-30 houses, depending on how many are occupied, and is emptied every night in the Summer months and every night bar Sundays in the Winter. Garden waste, if bagged, may be left at the side of the bin and will be removed for composting. At convenient points around the residential areas are paper bins, glass bins, cooking oil bins, plastic and tetrapack bins and clothing bins. Alternatively, if you have transport, you may patronise the Punt Blanc on the edge of town, where there are containers for wood, rubble, garden waste, white goods, batteries and so on. If you have anything too large for your car, furniture for instance, you can telephone the town hall they will give you the date when the free collection service is in your area. Does all this service cost a fortune? No it doesn't. Refuse collection is billed separately and for the suburbs is €180 a year...unless you happen to be a pensioner on a low income, and then it costs the princely sum of €4... to cover the cost of sending you a bill for the costs of sending you a bill...

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