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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Day 35 Liquid

Liquid...but in a slightly solid state! My little fish pond, made from a large redundant satellite dish, has a thin sheet of ice on the surface, so I am quite glad that a couple of days ago, having heeded the weather warnings, I scooped out a quantity of surface weeds and my one remaining water hyacinth and put them in a bucket of rainwater that is above ground level and partially under cover. Last Winter, one night's frost was enough to kill all my surface floaters...Salvinia and Water Hyacinth just turned to mush. Salvinia grows so quickly that a handful of plants soon expand to cover half the surface and provide much needed shade from the hot Spanish sun during the Summer.


  1. What a fabulous idea for a little pond!!!

  2. The weather has really gone mad !!!

  3. We have snow but it is melting quickly. I admire you for uploading each day - I just can't but keep having a pop over when I can and am pleased I am managing to upload weekly. Love your accessory take on it. Some lovely shots.


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