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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day 75 Wild

This cat is out in the wild; through no fault of his own he is a complete and utter nuisance. He was abandoned by his first owners when they moved out of a nearby rented house and so had to start scavenging for food. He soon learnt how to use a cat flap and there would be battles in my kitchen when he sneaked in at night. This tailed off when I stopped leaving the cat biscuit dish out, but he knew when feeding times were and started waiting on the doorstep to waylay our cats when they tried to come in and I would have to stand guard to keep him out. Then new neighbours moved in and took to feeding the "bad boy". Things improved for a couple of years .... until they moved out and he was left to fend for himself again. My boys are getting on now, they are both 13. Chancey is a timid cat and keeps out of his way as much as possible, but Charlie is having none of it and the fur flies every time they cross paths. Bites turn into abscesses and cat antibiotics have become a standard item on the shopping list. The last battle I witnessed between Charlie and the intruder resulted in Charlie losing a canine tooth; it was left on the path with a large amount of white fur! We now have new neighbours again. They have a Rotty and two Chihuahuas, but  have started feeding him because he was pinching the dogs food from under their noses. He may not be stealing food any more but he still wants to rule the roost in our garden as well as theirs, and our cats have taken to spending the day further afield.

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