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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Day 61 Grass

We don't have anything resembling a lawn. For a start we can't afford the constant watering that it would need, and I have no yen for neat green stripes or the work involved in keeping it up to scratch. I wondered around The Bottom, as we call the lower half of our land (much more about the flora and fauna there on another blog; put bottom into the search box) looking for a patch of green that would come under that classification, when it struck me that I was thinking too small....bamboo, the largest grass species grows well, too well, on my patch!


  1. Well done ! I love bamboo actually, it is very pretty and brings good luck

  2. Great to hear about that Totty. Love Bamboo.

  3. You wondered? Did you not mean wandered!!!

  4. Great idea and shot Tottie


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